Our Difference

The medical profession is rife with "me-too" cookie-cutter advertising companies only too eager to make you look and sound the same as everyone else in your profession. There is a major disconnect between the quality of the physician and the quality of their marketing.

You worked through the night sleeplessly to prepare for medical school exams. You made the commitment of time and energy to internship and residency, when life was lived around the clock in a bleary-eyed marathon.  YOU are the most valuable asset your practice has. YOU are also the one truly unique and distinguishing attribute that your practice has.  So doesn't it make sense that for you to elevate your practice and maximize the wealth-building attributes of your practice your marketing should be centered around you not about the technology you offer?

This isn't about building egos. It's just smart business sense. The most innovative and successful companies in the world were all built around the personalities of their founders Steve Jobs and Apple; Richard Branson and Virgin Airlines; Oprah Winfrey, and well, the O Media Empire. This kind of marketing is what we call "Personality-Infused Marketing" and it's the complete opposite of what practically every other marketing agency does.

For some physicians, that's just fine. For now they're happy to be looking and sounding like everyone else. They aren't ready to step things up. The problem is that the aesthetic market is becoming more and more crowded, so the more you look the same, the more difficult it is to stand out and the more your services start to look like a medical commodity.

At Premier Physician Marketing, we are the only medical marketing agency who is full-service combining cutting-edge strategy with the latest digital media and most effective off-line media methods —  to provide you with a truly integrative marketing system that positions you as the Premier Physician in your market.

We don't dabble in aesthetic medical marketing. It's all we do:

  1. We provide real, measurable results not marketing fluff.

  2. We do not work for your competition (only one client is accepted per market into our Marketing Concierge Program).

  3. We do not outsource your digital marketing.

  4. We will not compromise your professional reputation under any circumstances.

  5. We refuse to do unethical advertising.

  6. We are a full-service marketing company we don’t just offer digital marketing. We won’t try to tell you traditional advertising doesn’t work anymore —  just because it isn’t what we do.

  7. We are aesthetic marketing specialists it is the sole focus of our business you would be hard pressed to find another marketing firm that has our expertise.

  8. We only work with the most accomplished physicians.