Story-Selling Website

Your website is the cornerstone of your brand; the bedrock of your marketing; and your global "store front".  It is common to see doctors investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the fit out of their office to make themselves stand out. Opulent Persian rugs, crystal chandeliers, Italian marble yet their website, which by all accounts is their virtual practice, is woefully out-of-date and looks boring the same "me-too" advertising that their competitors have. The irony is that only a few thousand patients will ever step foot in their actual practice. Their website, however, will attract many visitors in a month, or even, a week.

But this isn't just about having a "pretty-looking" website to elevate your practice. Your website has to have "brains" too. It has to function as the control center of all your marketing campaigns. It has to pull its weight as a sales tool. Your SEO campaigns and Google Pay-Per-Click Campaigns all have to have their own niched landing pages to optimize rankings and click-throughs. Your ad copy has to build rapport with new visitors and instantly show them why you're better and different than your competitors (personality-infused marketing). Your blog posts must actually be interesting to read and thoughtfully written (not generic content that's pumped out en masse to you, and to numerous amounts of other physicians).

The bottom line is that the most powerful thing your website is selling, is you. Every time a new visitor clicks on your website, it is as though they are stepping into your practice and shaking your hand for the first time. Will they stay? Or leave? What is it about you and your practice that you want them to remember most? That you have 25 years' experience? That you are triple-board certified or a Harvard graduate? None of these on their own are memorable enough for someone to recall 24 or 48 hours later from the hundreds of ads they will be bombarded with during that time. So what will they remember?

The stories you share.

Think of Warren Buffet one of the greatest storytellers of our time (and one of the world's wealthiest people). Berkshire Hathaway has become so successful primarily because of Buffet's ability first and foremost to tell stories that people can relate to. Jesus spoke in parables. The Torah Judaism’s founding legal and ethical religious text, and the first five books of the Old Testament are not a boring list of rules, but a set of moral lessons and commandments intertwined with a wealth of life stories.

In the business world, many successful top executives are excellent storytellers. Howard Schultz, Chairman of Starbucks, tells us the story of his trip to Milan and visiting the tiny, character-filled espresso bars that served incredible coffee and doubled as the meeting place of the communities. From that simple story we —  employees, customers, shareholders —  understand a great deal about why the company does what it does. The lengths Starbucks coffee buyers goes to, to select the best beans from the most far-flung corners of the world; the exceptional care their baristas take in brewing the perfect cup. Everything gets viewed through a very different lens, thanks to the story interwoven through it which in turn makes us feel happier to pay $5 for a cup of coffee when there are plenty of other places serving comparable coffee for less than a buck. 

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