The Premier Physician's Ultimate Marketing Toolkit, (Plastic Surgeon's Edition)

The Premier Physician's Ultimate Marketing Toolkit, (Plastic Surgeon's Edition)


Introducing the single most powerful resource you can invest in for your practice. Discover the power of the 7 Step Market Domination formula and apply it to your own practice. This toolkit contains over 55 proven marketing strategies and done-for-you marketing templates, campaigns and scripts, including:

• How to distinctively brand and rebrand your practice

• How to choose a tagline or slogan your patients will remember

• How to get your marketing to do all your heavy lifting for you in sales — increasing patient conversions and eliminating your stress in having to “close” patients

• 5 proven strategies to increase patient referrals (without asking for them)

• 3 proven strategies to increase doctor referrals

• How to identify lucrative niche markets in your town that your competitors haven’t even discovered

• The simple way to increase friends-and-family referrals (without having to ask for them)

• How to hold special events that new patients will flock to (what to do and — most importantly — what not to do)

• How to raise your prices and have your patients gladly pay more for your services

• Proven telephone scripts to convert prospects into patients

• How to use your marketing to prequalify your leads and do the hard work for you, so that only the most qualified and motivated patients get to have facetime with you

• 5 simple strategies to increase the average spend per patient

• How to easily and effortlessly automate your marketing so you never need to suffer through a “slow” period again

• How to create follow-up marketing campaigns that patients will look forward to receiving

• The MVP (most valuable player) of your entire marketing strategy — and why your use of this one marketing tool will do more to build your reputation than the last five years of marketing your practice combined

• Mastering email campaigns — why email is still an effective marketing tool, and the right way to write campaigns to your patients to bring them back in

• How to negotiate buying media space (and whether it’s even the right media to advertise in)

• Understanding the difference between just providing “content” and creating powerful “copywriting” — and why it’s essential your staff become skilled at copywriting

• How to do consultative selling with your patients without being pushy or sounding “sales-y” 

• How to create a memorable experience for patients that will get them referring their friends and family like crazy

• The anatomy of an advertisement that gets your phone to ring, versus one that does nothing but waste your money (you’ll be shocked at the subtle differences)

• The right (and wrong) ways to work with a marketing consultant — when do you need one and how do you manage them?

 And so much more…

We have held nothing back in this toolkit and disclosed our exact proprietary process and most effective marketing tools that we use for our private clients to get them featured in publications like New York Times, Forbes, Wall St Journal. Our private concierge services costs tens of thousands of dollars a month. Now you get access to our "secret vault" of marketing tools and processes that you can put to work right away in your own practice. With just one breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or Ultherapy treatment you will have earned back your investment. It's a no-brainer for anyone in aesthetics serious about catapulting themselves to the top of their market - regardless of where you're located. 

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