Julie, wow! There is a lot to learn from you. We would all benefit from your mentorship.
— Billionaire Entrepreneur and Super Model, Kathy Ireland
Thanks so much again for your patience. I don’t know what you guys have done to the website but the phone is ringing off the hook! I know it’s great for us but this is why these other projects are falling behind!
— Heather Neary
It was an incredible experience [the Practice Transformation Consult] – spending the day with someone who is clearly so expert in marketing, focusing specifically on my needs and goals. I appreciate your professionalism and sense of dignity in your approach to selling. I look forward to implementing the great ideas we discussed.
— Dr. Suzanne Jones
Yours is the most comprehensive marketing plan I have ever seen. Your staff are so friendly and helpful. I am a retired psychologist and had considered going into practice after seeing what you did for a friend of mine. You have made this business fun...
— Dr. Richard Robertson
Thank you for all you have done and all you are doing for my practice. Your personal attention is priceless.
— Dr. (name withheld by request)
This day far surpassed my expectations... it was a big leap for our business to take.”
— Gord Molnar
I am in Louisiana visiting my parents. I brought your Ultimate Marketing Toolkit with me. My Mom even started reading it and she’s a retired government employee. It has literally stopped me dead in my tracks. Everything from ruthlessly protecting my time (working on a big mindshift here) to getting great ideas for self promotion - and on and on. Needless to say, I have written a few Dear John letters to time drainers, walked away from three professional organizations and am ruthlessly evaluating how and when and where I spend my time. I would argue that I am benefiting from the toolkit from an entrepreneurial level as well as a deeply personal level.
— Rachelle Smith
I was at the MAFE Conference in Detroit last November where [Julie] was the keynote speaker and taught one of the workshops. Your workshop was the best one I have ever attended…you’re right [learning your way of marketing] did feel like drinking from a fire hydrant, but you helped me shift my thinking about my business and how I’m attracting clients. I went ahead and bought your Ultimate Marketing Toolkit and… it’s blown my mind. I’m more excited about my business than I’ve ever been and yesterday we signed our biggest client, thanks to some of your strategies. I am so glad to have been in your workshop and look forward to a record year. Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight and knowledge.
— Mary Wright
Since working with your group three months ago our online lead generation has tripled...you have done more for our practice in three months than our other marketing company did for us in three years.. Thank you.
— John Peterson
If you haven’t already read it, go and get a copy of 67 Marketing Secrets. I read it last week and it was excellent... I highly recommend all of you go read it.
— Dr. Renato Saltz addressing ABAM 2014
You and your team are a godsend to Angelle and I — an angel here on earth, helping us be bigger and better than we could have ever imagined on our own. Thank you.
— Dr. Sue McCreadie
Thank you for the most comprehensive marketing plan I have ever seen...your insight has been invaluable. I feel excited about my practice again.
— Dr. (name withheld by request)
Your private client newsletter [Marketing Dynamite] is the best I’ve seen in a long time.
— Dan Kennedy, one of America's most highly paid advertising copywriters and consultant to Rodan & Fields
I loved your chapter in The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need... picked up some great tips. I only wish you’d written the whole book.
— Asta Myers
Bravo! You have done more for the ABAM than our local PR... soon to be fired! Thank you so much!
— Dr. Renato Saltz
67 Marketing Secrets was very thought provoking
— Dr. Michael Sundine
I’m very glad to have you on my team and not on the other side!… I really get it, your marketing is just genius. Thanks for helping transform what was looking to be a total disaster into a success.
— Frank L'e Sanford
You are a world-class copywriter... your clients are lucky to have you.
— Tim Paulson
We have been amazed while working with you… we have a very different business than we had even six months ago. We’ve got new leads coming in pretty regularly, we raised our prices at your encouragement… we’ve got clients emailing us wondering when we’re sending our next marketing campaign out(?!)… I feel very confident this is going to be a record-breaking year.
— Jan Veer
Hi Julie,
I just wanted to thank you, again, for speaking to our group yesterday. You do such an outstanding job and I know everybody appreciated it and learned from it. Marketing has become so complex and confusing in the digital age. I know I am always grateful to get sound advice.
— Katie Burrows
I’ve spent (wasted) a lot of money on so called “advertising experts” and... spent thousands of dollars on books and courses... they showed me how to make my logo look better, and run boring ads about what I do. Turns out none of them knew much at all about getting more clients [except you]... Your marketing really works... and I didn’t even have to spend all that time getting you up to speed on my business.
— Jeff M.
I have been involved in education for over 30 years... In that time I have never worked with a consultant who was more professional, energetic and knowledgeable than Julie Guest.
— Dr. Ted Culver