Your New Year’s Aesthetic Medical Marketing Checklist

The Christmas and Hannukah lights might be twinkling, the snow falling and your holiday calendar looking more and more squeezed with all the social events you’ve been invited to these days. But with a brand new year just around the corner, it’s critical that you keep the marketing engine of your practice in top condition, fully fueled and ready for fast acceleration as we usher in 2016.

To help you with this, I’ve assembled a master medical marketing checklist — of things that you’re going to want to sit down with your office manager and go over in detail. A little planning now will save you a lot of stress, headache and wasted marketing budget in the approaching year — so let’s get going.

The Aesthetic Medical Marketing Checklist for 2016

1.       What were the three top-performing lead-generation methods for my practice in 2015?

2.       What were the three worst-performing lead-generation methods in 2015?

3.       What was our patient referral rate in 2015? How did this compare to 2014?

4.       What are the traffic numbers to our website for this year (number of unique views, bounce rate and average time spent)? How does this compare with last year?

5.       Who are the top referrers in our practice (the ones who refer us the most patients)? How can we acknowledge this and show how much we appreciate them? (A word of warning here to be careful about giving gifts. Make sure you’re in accordance with HIPAA regulations and state laws — find out from your friendly local attorney what you can and can’t do.)

6.       What was our physician referral rate in 2015? How did this compare to 2014?

7.       How are we tracking marketing leads in our practice? (Remember that asking patients “How did you hear about us?” is an extremely unscientific way to do this, and is the least reliable, because patients say whatever comes into their heads. This is not a good way to determine how to invest your marketing dollars. The best way is to install call tracking that uses a different phone number for every kind of ad you place, to forward to your main line — it will remove all the guesswork from your marketing and help you make much better quality decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars!)

8.       How many calls are being answered live versus going to voicemail?

9.       Is our team using a script to answer the phone or are they just winging it? (Using scripts will increase your conversion rate.)

10.    How quickly are patients getting a call back? (The faster the better — should ideally be within the first thirty minutes of calling or they will have moved on to your competition!)

11.    What is our call-to-appointment ratio?

12.    What is our appointment-to-treatment ratio?

13.    What are we doing to follow up with patients who don’t show?

14.    What are we doing to follow up with patients who show for a consult but don’t buy? (These people should stay in your marketing funnel — just because they said “No” now doesn’t mean they won’t say “Yes” in a month or six months, or even in a couple of years.  These leads are extremely valuable — you need to ensure that you have Retention Marketing in place to nurture them. Our favorites are a well-written e-magazine and a quarterly paper-and-ink newsletter/mini-magazine.)

15.    Have we got marketing campaigns created for the first quarter of 2016? What are we offering for our New Year’s promotion? For Valentine’s Day? For Easter?

16.    What new technologies are we using in our practice — and how are we going to promote these? What are our special offers and how will we get the word out?

If you haven’t already, print out a few of copies of this blog post and circulate them around the office to your key staff. File one copy in a safe place to look at again next year. And then schedule some time with your staff to go through the answers to these questions, so that you’ll be heading into 2016 with a bang (not a whimper)!

If you need help with any of these things — we’re excited to be launching the Plastic Surgeon’s Ultimate Marketing Toolkit in January — to teach your staff just how to maximize your marketing, and give them some of our best-performing campaigns to adapt for your practice.