Why YOU Are the Missing Ingredient in Your Clinical Marketing

This week’s article is all about the missing ingredient in 99.9% of all medical marketing — YOU! This is never more evident than on social media, where most doctors’ profiles look orphaned or worse, hopelessly generic-sounding.

I may say this a lot, but it’s always true — YOU really are the most valuable asset to your practice. If your marketing doesn’t reflect your personality, then sadly, you’re going to look and sound just the same as every other cosmetic doctor out there. The power of “Personality Infused Marketing™” is immense, and it’s time you unleashed it.

We get contacted all the time by doctors wanting to see examples of the Personality Infused Marketing™ that we’ve done for other doctors. We refuse to share this information, for obvious reasons, and always say the same thing — everything that we do for our clients, we do for ourselves, too. In other words, we drink our own KoolAid. If you want to see the power of Personality Infused Marketing™ at work, start paying attention to the way we market our own agency. We use Personality Infused Marketing™: celebrity positioning, having a story-selling website, letting our own personalities shine through.

Some of the biggest responses we’ve had from physicians haven’t been in regard to something written about marketing, but instead from some personal story shared — an inspirational story about my nephew with Down Syndrome, a practical joke my brothers played on me once for April Fool’s Day, my adventures to Cuba, Africa and some far-flung corners in South America, the best piece of advice billionaire entrepreneur Kathy Ireland gave to me (which was whispered to me off-stage)… all these things distinguish me from any other marketing consultant — and agency — because they are uniquely mine and ours. They help build trust and rapport — something which is just as important in your business as it is in mine.

I hope you find the article below useful and insightful, and as always, I welcome your questions and comments.