Why a trip to the Grand Canyon might be just what you need…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had on my bucket list that I wanted to fly over the Grand Canyon by helicopter. There’s something so humbling about seeing the power of the Colorado River—that tiny sliver of blue water beneath me. A river that, due to its persistence, sliced its way through the mighty rock face to create the biggest and most famous canyon in the world.

It reminds me about what it takes to run a successful aesthetic practice—an extraordinary amount of persistence to keep growing, keep improving, and keep leaping over the daily hurdles that get thrown in your path as a business owner.

Just like taking a helicopter ride, it pays to pull yourself out of the day-to-day operations and take a 30,000-foot view of your practice. That way you can ensure that you’re working on the right things in your practice—working smarter not harder.

With clear goals and the right strategic plan in place, you can expect to carve your own “canyon” that could be just as awe inspiring—and lucrative.

There are less than four months left until the end of the year. Fall is upon us. Now is the time to start your strategic planning for your practice—working on your business instead of “in” it. Take just one day out of your schedule, remove yourself from the office and the demands of your staff and patients, and think about the big picture. This will be the best, most profitable day you can spend on your business. Think of it as your “money day.” Some consultants call it a day of strategic planning, and here at Premier Physician Marketing we call it the “Practice Transformation Consult.”

Whatever you choose to call it, it’s time to get it scheduled. And if you decide that you need to take a trip to the Grand Canyon to inspire you and get some perspective, I know a great helicopter pilot I can refer you to.