What to Do in Your Aesthetic Practice When People Aren’t Buying

The sea change of marketing an aesthetic practice is well and truly upon us. What used to drive people to medical spas and plastic surgery practices in a frenzy, today has people yawning, clicking the Unsubscribe button, “unfriending” and changing channels. 

Simply put, people aren’t buying the same way they used to. I’ve noticed a big difference, in even the last two years, which is just another reason it’s essential you stay on top of your marketing with fresh ads, fresh offers, fresh content. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as “set and forget” when it comes to aesthetic medical marketing. However, the good news is that successful marketing is equal parts psychology, written salesmanship and creativity – which can be boiled down into proven marketing templates that can be adapted for use each time.

So why won’t people buy? (Surprisingly, it’s rarely about price)

Today’s aesthetic patients are far pickier, far more suspicious and far more nervous to part with their hard-earned cash. Understandably so. We’re in the trust-damaged and post-recession world.

If you’re struggling with getting more patients, then here are 4 valuable marketing tips to help you increase your consult-conversion rates and get people buying again.

1.    Is your message getting lost in translation? You might be surprised to discover that a large number of your prospects are not buying from you simply because they don’t fully understand your unique set of skills and experience, and specifically, how that translates into a “better looking version” of themselves. A rewrite of your value proposition and core message to answer this question – “Why should I choose you as my plastic surgeon versus any other cosmetic doctor out there?” – will do wonders for your practice. Clarity is everything.

But a clear message worded in such a way that deeply resonates with your prospective patients is magnetic. If your practice hasn’t got your messaging perfected, then it doesn’t matter what kinds of ads you run, or where you run them – people aren’t going to buy from you like they should.

2.    Are you following up? Be honest… Out of all the hundreds of clients I’ve consulted with, I can count on four fingers the number that had a robust follow-up process for those people who said no. There is a ton of data that shows that people will only buy from you after the seventh “touch” (seeing or hearing from or about you). So why would you give up after the first one?!? One of my favorite follow-up aesthetic marketing tools is the monthly e-magazine (which I have broken down for you in the Ultimate Marketing Toolkit for Aesthetic Practices). The more steps you utilize, and the more kinds of media your follow-up encompasses, the more effective it will be.

3.    Make a powerful offer they can’t refuse. Most times, people decide NOT to buy not because something is too expensive, but because they’re scared they’ll make the wrong decision. One of the secrets to getting people to buy is to make it easier for them to say yes than no.

4.    Hold a focus group of your top patients. Find out if what you think is important to them really still is. Get your finger on the pulse of the people you’re marketing to. Dive into the trenches with them. Read what they read. Watch what they watch. Join the groups they join.

(To learn more about the Ultimate Marketing Toolkit for Aesthetic Practices – Plastic Surgeon Edition with over 100 tools, tips, strategies and proven marketing templates for your practice – please click here.)

The bottom line is ­– if your prospects aren’t buying, it’s your marketing that needs work. Sometimes just a fine tuning is all that’s needed. Other times it’s a complete overhaul. Remember – your prospective patients are going to invest in cosmetic procedures from someone – the job of your marketing is to ensure that it’s from you!

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