This Week Google Dropped a Bombshell on All of Us

Earlier this year they announced they would be changing their search algorithms which would begin to factor in a website’s “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking signal – meaning that those sites which weren’t optimized for smartphones’ smaller screens would see their ranks downgraded as a result. In other words, if your website is not completely optimized for mobile, you can expect your website to be much, much harder to find as Google “buries” it – in favor of websites that are much more mobile friendly.

However what Google didn’t tell anyone, is when they would “flick the switch”.  It turns out Google started this week and is rolling out it’s mobile friendly update progressively over the coming weeks.

If your medical website is more than 12 months old it’s highly likely that your website is NOT mobile friendly.  Don’t feel bad however. This mega change potentially will affect over 40 percent of Fortune 500 websites according to recent tests.

However it’s critical that you take immediate and decisive action now. If not, your website could be relegated to the bottom of Google’s listings which will significantly impact your digital marketing and possibly also your credibility as a top physician.

Here’s what you need to do right now:

1)    Get your website company to run a mobile report on your medical website and show you the results. 2)    If they can’t do this (or won’t), please call our office and we will run the mobile tests for you. 3)    If your website does rank as being mobile friendly. You’re in the clear. At least for now.  This might however be a very good time to take a good look at your website and see if it is need of a makeover (see my article posted this week on the Beauty vs Brains website) 4)    If your website is NOT mobile friendly – don’t panic. There are two things that can be done. In the immediate term we can put a “band-aid” on your website and create a mobile friendly version. It’s a quick short term fix. However there’s no fooling Google in the long term. All this will do is buy you a bit of time. You are going to need to have a new website created that is optimized for mobile from the start.