The Premier Physician Market Domination Formula™

All too often these days, I see aesthetic practices being marketed as medical commodities, and huge sums of money spent on boring, “me-too” campaigns, that are easily ignored by prospective patients. The good news is that your aesthetic medical marketing doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, it should never be like that. This isn’t something that I can comprehensively address in one article — it’s something I spend a full day working on with my new clients, during our 1-day Practice Transformation Consult™. Together, we look into every aspect of your practice, discovering untapped opportunities, identifying new ones, and elevating your brand and reputation to a whole new level. This is an intensive, strategic consult, that focuses on your practice, your goals and your big opportunities to dominate your market.

I can give you a quick overview, however, of our 7-step trust-building process, called the Premier Physician Market Domination Formula™.

Step 1. Identify who your target market is (also known as your ideal patients). Your “ideal patient” refers to their occupation and position in life (i.e. stay-at-home moms in their 30s, or wealthy retirees)… but their personality is just as important. Identifying your “best fit” patients will help to hone your marketing message (thereby maximizing your marketing ROI) and coming up with a list of “red flag”-type behaviors that signal possible trouble ahead can help you to weed out “problem children” before they become so.

Step 2. Create your “unique message. This is where most marketing falls flat on its face. If you don’t have a unique message, it doesn’t matter what kinds of marketing you use — your ads will sound just the same as everyone else’s! One of the best unique messages of all time was just twelve words long — and built a multi-billion dollar empire. The company I’m talking about is Domino’s Pizza — their message “Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 15 minutes or less or it’s free” revolutionized their business and took it from struggling to global franchise.

Step 3. Repackage your products and services, reposition your brand. Don’t fall into the trap of offering the treatment packages the technology companies recommend (that’s what your competitors are doing). Create your own and set yourself apart.

Step 4. Use “celebrity-based” marketing tools. Here’s where the rubber hits the road. One of the most important trust-building tools you can have in your marketing toolbox is to have authored a book. It instantly elevates you above your peers, establishes credibility and is a non-threatening way for prospective patients to “get to know” you. If you’re not a budding Shakespeare, we have a set of books we have ghost authored for you, exclusive to your area — meaning we write them, you get the credit for them.

Step 5. Build a Unique Capability Team. It’s well known that recruiting and retaining top talent in your practice increases patient satisfaction and referral rates, reduces your stress and workload, and can substantially increase your revenue. Are your staff doing everything they can to get you the most appointments possible, acting and dressing professionally, and providing the highest quality of care to your patients? Are they working to the best of their abilities, and helping you to be able to work to yours? An in-depth assessment will answer these questions and more, and help provide you with the knowledge you need to build a fantastic team who are all working in their areas of "unique capability.

Step 6. Create an “extraordinary experience” for your patients. It’s no good if your marketing does a wonderful job building trust with prospective patients — but then as soon as they get into your practice it’s disappointing, or worse — dull. Creating an extraordinary experience is all about providing patients with the unexpected — something that comes with bragging rights that they’ll want to tell their friends about.

Step 7. Create a marketing system. Definitely the least exciting of all the steps, but perhaps the most important to your bank balance. All the best businesses in the world are built on systems — McDonald’s is not the most successful franchise in history because it sells the best burgers — but because it has the best system. Similarly, your marketing has to operate just like a system to help you get the most out of every inquiry, every patient call, visit and treatment. The great news is that having a good marketing system in place means you’ll never have to worry about selling again! It will educate and pre-sell prospective patients who have 95% already made up their minds to get treated by you, before they’ve even met you!

And there you have it. Laid out before you the 7 steps to create a break-through in your marketing and transform your practice.

To your success!