The Genius of Trump Marketing & How To Apply It To Your Medical Marketing

One of the very first stories I heard about Donald Trump’s take-no-prisoners-only-accept-the-best attitude towards running his multitude of businesses, goes something like this:

Donald was attending a business meeting at one of his hotels with some very important guests.  After the meeting, he took them on a mini-tour of the hotel pointing out various points of interest to them.  As the group passed one of the restrooms, Donald excused himself to use the amenities.  When he walked in, he noticed a large puddle of water on the floor underneath the hand dryers, so he called the maintenance manager and told him to get one of the cleaners up there immediately to take care of it. Donald finished in the rest room and met up with the rest of his VIP party, but fifteen minutes later excused himself and looped back around to that same restroom to check on things.

The water was still on the floor. Donald then called the Maintenance Manager and told him how unacceptable this was and that today two people were going to be fired:

1)    the cleaner that he’d sent who obviously didn’t place cleaning up this mess as a top priority enough to have got it done and

2)    the maintenance manager himself for not ensuring the job was done as he’d requested.

Is this harsh? To many yes.  But to Trump, absolutely not.  His hotel is a premium brand. Good enough is not enough for his brand – it has to be the best. Plus it was a hazard to his guests – what if someone had slipped and fallen and then sued? Trump didn’t get to become a billionaire by accepting average from anyone – including himself.

And this brings us to his bid for President. How on earth did a man with absolutely zero experience working in foreign policy or government affairs somehow manage to win not only the GOP’s nomination, but the Presidency?

Through the genius of his marketing.

I’m going to break it down for you.

When I first heard that Trump was going to throw his hat into the ring, like many I thought this was some kind of joke. I thought it was just another publicity pulling stunt designed to gain free headlines around the world to build the Trump brand.

But then I saw his campaign tagline and having read it’s just four words, I realized that not only was his running not a joke, but that it was genius and it was going to appeal to a very, very large number of disenfranchised Americans.

What was his tagline? You probably already know it without me having to tell you:

Make America Great Again.

In a tagline that is just four short, sweet words, Trump has summed up everything he stands for. Not only that, but he advertised it using one of the most iconic symbols of America – the baseball cap.

Another slogan that Trump has used “Drain The Swamp”. Again in three words, he is communicating his stance on reducing the size of government, not expanding it.

Now let’s talk about Hillary’s campaign message. Um. Can you think of one? How about Moving Forward With Hillary?

Now put on your marketing hat and set aside any political biases. Tell me which of these taglines are the most powerful and carry the clearest message?

Hands down, it’s Trump’s marketing message. The goal of any marketer is to distill what makes them better than their competition into the smallest number of words possible – known as a tagline.

Other great taglines:

Nike: Just Do It

L’Oreal: Because You’re Worth It

BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine

Hillary’s message lacked meat, but what was most fatal to it, is that it was a message that didn’t resonate with any particular audience.  It was too general, too broad – and frankly – too boring.

Trump on the other hand, had done his homework on who his voters were going to be – before coming up with his tagline. He saw that there was a ground-swell of unhappy Americans who weren’t being paid attention to, who were extremely unhappy with the direction the country was being taken in and who wanted a change. And then he crafted a marketing message that specifically resonated with them.

Having a great tagline is CRITICAL to the success and power of your marketing message. Donald Trump’s marketing people were in fact following the first two steps of the Premier Physician Market Domination Formula.

1.    Identify your target market

2.    Craft a unique message that specifically resonates with them

In fact, Donald’s Trump’s campaign marketing followed all seven of the market domination steps – which is a topic I will write about on another day.

And Hillary? She completely missed step 1 in really identifying her target market, and as a result, her messaging didn’t ignite anywhere the same passions as Trump supporters. It was broad, it was limp and as we all know it, missed it’s mark, despite her spending more than double of what Trump spent on his campaign.

So how can you apply Trump’s own marketing genius to your practice? By really focusing on step 1 and step 2 of the Premier Physician Market Domination Formula. Start with identifying who your target market is and then craft a unique message that will specifically resonate with their wants, needs and desires – to the exclusion of everyone else.  Trump didn’t try and win everyone. He knew his message would repel millions of people.  But he had done his homework to know that there were enough people in America who it would appeal to – and appeal to in a very big way.

And the next time you notice an issue in your restroom, remember that love Trump, or not – there’s no denying he does anything by halves – especially his marketing, and just look how far it’s taken him.  

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