The Easy-To-Implement Medical Marketing Plan (Your Money Map)

Not long ago, a very well known surgeon approached me after hearing me speak at the Cornell Club in New York City. Like many of his colleagues, he was completely confused about marketing his practice. “My office manager takes care of all that”, he told me after I asked him who in his clinic was in charge of its marketing “I give her a budget and she decides how to spend it…I really hate marketing” he said with a flourish ”I don’t understand it and don’t want to”



I hate to point out the obvious but running a business (which a clinic most certainly is) - without a marketing plan is like going into surgery blindfolded. Ok maybe not quite that dramatic, but pretty close. The reason why most people find marketing baffling is because they (or most likely their staff) use the “spray and pray marketing”. There’s no method, and certainly no science and no strategy behind what they do. The marketing budget just seems to get swallowed up every month. Knowing what’s working to bring in clients is anyone’s guess - but you’re still doing ok so something HAS to be working. Right?

What a stressful - and expensive way to run your practice.

Let’s cover things one at a time.

1) Who in your practice has ultimate charge of your marketing? It HAS to be YOU. The business owner. You can’t risk delegating the lifeblood of your practice to any of your staff. Does this mean you have to start studying marketing and learning copywriting and digital marketing strategy instead of medicine? Absolutely not. Does this mean you have to oversee the marketing plan and hold your staff accountable to delivering the results? The power of your medical marketing determines how many dollars are in your bank account. Or not. That job is far too important to delegate. You need to think of yourself as the conductor of an orchestra - you don’t have to play any of the instruments yourself, but you sure need to know the song and how to get everyone to play together.

2) What does your marketing plan look like? It’s ok if you don’t have. marketing plan. Now is a great time to start. In it’s simplest form, as I detail in the Premier Physician’s Ultimate Marketing Toolkit - your marketing plan needs to cover each month:
- what the promotions is/are - also known in marketing as your irresistible offer
- what the marketing budget is
- what marketing activities are done, where are the ads placed and how much they cost
- what the results are.

That’s it!

Four simple measurables to take the guesswork out of your clinic marketing.

Think of it as your money map. Now exhale and go schedule a meeting with your office manager (who whoever is in charge of your marketing) to get this started immediately!