The Best Way to Introduce a New Procedure at your Plastic Surgery Practice


One of the most exciting times at a plastic surgery practice is when you add a brand new product, especially if it’s the new, hot cosmetic procedure on the market. Just imagine the possibilities if you are the first practice in your area to offer this incredible innovation in cosmetic technology! You purchase and get fully trained in the procedure, you open your doors and… nothing happens? Well, of course not! You haven’t introduced it properly to your patients yet! 

Introducing a cutting-edge procedure to your patients can be tricky. Although some might want the latest and greatest, others might feel suspicious of it, preferring some of the older treatments. As a plastic surgeon, it’s your job to educate them about the new procedure. Here are a few ideas on how to do just that.

Hold an Open House

One of the best ways to introduce your customers to a brand new procedure is to do it personally. Just because it may sound intriguing on paper doesn’t mean that patients will go for it without more information. But if you were to explain it to them in person, breaking down all of the benefits, then they might get excited enough to give it a try.

Introducing a new procedure is a great reason to hold an Open House for your patients. First, it gives you a way to see them outside of plastic surgery consultations and treatments, giving you a chance to deepen your doctor-patient relationships. Second, they get to learn about the new procedure straight from the horse’s mouth. This can go a long way toward settling any nerves they might have about trying something new. 

There should be more going on at an Open House than just a new product announcement, though. Don’t forget to offer your patients incentives to come, like free coffee and tea, finger foods, and maybe even door prizes!

Offer Your Customers a Special

Sales and specials are time-tested ways of bringing people into your business to try new products and services. By offering your patients a great deal on your new procedure for the first month, you can bring the curious into your practice. These people may have been a bit reluctant to pay full price for an “untested treatment,” but would be more than eager to give it a shot if they are getting 10% or 20% off!

Promoting complementary procedures is another excellent way of upselling your patients. By pairing Botox with dermal fillers or face and neck lifts, you can provide them with even better results than they would get with a single procedure alone. By pairing your brand new procedure with an old favorite, you can give your patients a sense of the results they can expect. Their familiarity with the older treatment will help reduce anxiety they may have about getting a new one. 

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you could pair the two procedures into a special, where they get both for 10% or 20% off. This doubles down on the incentive to come in and give the new procedure a try. 

Develop a Marketing Strategy

You will want to incorporate all of the above strategies into an overall cohesive marketing strategy, entirely based around spreading the word about your new procedure. 

This marketing strategy should have many different parts. For example, content marketing can be an excellent way to inform your patients about all the details of what’s new at your practice. A well-written and engaging blog posted to your website could be an excellent resource for your patients when they are trying to make a decision. 

Another form of content marketing could be to use online video to popularize the procedure. With the permission of a patient, you can create an entire video story showing their experience of the procedure from beginning to end. Start with the consultation where you explain everything, follow that with the pre-procedure prep, have a video of the surgery or procedure itself (again, be sure you get a release from the patient first), and even follow them through their post-procedure recovery and the reveal of their final results. Going on this video “journey” will help your patients develop a complete understanding of what the procedure entails. 

Once you have this content, you need to get it out to people. You can use all of your social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to post the content, with links to the procedure itself. You can also utilize email marketing to inform your patients directly about the procedure, either through an eblast, your monthly digital newsletter, or both. Don’t forget to highlight the special that you are using to promote the procedure, or to invite your patients to your Open House!

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