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How to Handle Patient Complaints at Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Does this sound familiar?

A brand new patient comes into your plastic surgery practice. You have a consultation; everything seems to be going great. You do the procedure, which goes perfectly. The patient goes home to recover, and there are no complications. But then, soon after they see their final results, they come back to your practice… and they are furious. Their results aren’t what they expected. They say that you lied to them, or misled them, or somehow screwed up. They are angry and they want compensation, or they will be talking to a lawyer.

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How to Supercharge Your Practice’s Customer Service Experience

What would you say makes the patient experience at your plastic surgery practice memorable?

Obviously, your results will be memorable (as your patients will be looking at them in the mirror every morning), but what about the other things? The overall customer service experience is something that can often be overlooked at an aesthetics practice. Remember that as the owner of a practice, you are also the owner of a small business.

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