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What Role Can Online Video Play in Your Practice’s Marketing

When you mention plastic surgery and online video in the same sentence, people tend to think about the plastic surgery social media stars like Dr. Miami or Dr. Simon Ourian. These plastic surgeons parlayed a combination of celebrity, presentation and content into incredibly successful online enterprises that drive countless clients to their practices. And I hate to break it to you, but this is a highly unrealistic goal to have as a plastic surgeon.

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Facebook Vs. Instagram: Which Should You Be Using for Your Practice Marketing?

Pepsi vs. Coke. Marvel vs. DC. Microsoft vs. Apple. These corporate rivalries are incredibly well-known in the marketing world, and just about everyone takes a side. Fans of Apple Computers wouldn’t be caught dead using a Windows laptop. Lifelong drinkers of Pepsi instantly turn up their noses at a can of Coke. 

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How to Use Holidays to Market Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Happy holidays!

It’s usually around the end of the year that the plastic surgery marketing machine goes into high gear, capitalizing on the winter holidays to boost sales. But a successful plastic surgery practice should be focusing on far more than just the winter holidays. Plastic surgery practices should always be looking for opportunities to connect with new patients and reconnect with old ones.

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2016 Rules to live by in your Aesthetic Practice from the Queen of Country Music (Dolly Parton)

A couple of nights ago, I was watching that Christmas Special on Dolly Parton’s life called A Coat of Many Colors — named after a coat her mom made for her as a little girl, sewn together from a bag of rags (which was also the inspiration of a song she wrote by the same name). 

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My Top 5 Aesthetic Marketing Predictions for 2016

Wow. Who knew another year would fly by so fast. But here we are — on the eve of another bright, shiny new year — bursting with possibility and massive opportunity for those with the courage to act on it.

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Your New Year’s Aesthetic Medical Marketing Checklist

The Christmas and Hannukah lights might be twinkling, the snow falling and your holiday calendar looking more and more squeezed with all the social events you’ve been invited to these days. 

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