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5 Marketing Tips to Get Your Phone Ringing During the Slow Summer “Dry Months”

One of my favorite things about having a marketing system in place in your practice is that the ability to create income “on demand” is now yours. What do I mean by that? It means that you are the one who is firmly in control of your marketing, and of the number of patients that come through your door. “What?” I can hear you say. “What do you mean, I’m in control? We run ads, and people either respond or don’t respond to them — so how, exactly, does that put me in control?”

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4 RED LIGHT Indicators That Show You Have a Major Marketing Problem in Your Practice (Without Your Realizing It)

Now that summer is officially over, we have just three and a half months left in this year, and (judging from the dramatic spike in the number of calls to our office) — you’ve likely got marketing and growing your practice top of mind.

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