Stop Selling Products and Services in Your Practice. Start Selling Trust.

Ever get the feeling that the noble profession of medicine is being commoditized? Especially when it comes to the practice of aesthetic medicine and medical marketing. Just yesterday I opened our local newspaper and counted seventeen different ads for med spas, plastic surgery services and cosmetic dermatology. Seventeen! It’s not the number that concerned me, as much as did the marketing message in the ads.  Every single practice was using what I call “the Wal-Mart approach” to marketing.  Meaning – they were advertising products and technology: Botox, CoolSculpting, Fraxel Laser, Smart Lipo, Juvederm.

“Get Botox for $97!”  “We offer SmartLipo with treatments starting at $299!”

Each practice was waging a price war with the others.  Who’s price is the lowest? That’s the Wal-Mart approach to marketing, and unfortunately, most aesthetic medical practices market themselves this way because they don’t know there’s a better way; that and the fact that it’s encouraged by the various technology providers. They sell you their machines, give you their marketing to use and … you’re on your way.  The only problem with this is that they’re also giving your competitors the exact same marketing.

The result? Your practice looks practically identical to your competitors’ and the only way you can make yourself look different or stand out – is on price.  I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that the best patients to treat are those who are the least price-sensitive – and choose your practice because of YOU personally.  Your expertise. Your credentials. Your care.

So how do you make the shift – from selling products and technology to selling YOU, and having patients happy to pay you at the top of the range – instead of the bottom?

By selling trust.  If you can win prospective patients’ trust – they will gladly pay more for your expertise, and become oblivious to the siren song of your competitors. In other words, if you start selling trust and stop selling products and technology, you can charge more and make your competition irrelevant.  Right. So how do you sell trust then?

The simple answer is: by repositioning your practice so that your marketing becomes about you – and not about your services.  In other words, your marketing repositions you as a “celebrity” in your own market. Do people really trust celebrities?  According to New York research firm The Wagner Group, who conducted a study with Reader’s Digest on the top 100 people trusted by Americans – it likely won’t surprise you that spots 1, 2 and 3 are all taken by Hollywood celebrities, and that Dr. Oz ranks as the 7th most trusted person in America.

Now I’m not talking about making you into an “A-list celebrity” – just a local celebrity – a person of famous stature in your local market. In other words – making you the premier physician in your city, using the 6-step Market Domination Formula.

  1. Pinpoint your target market.
  2. Craft a unique message.
  3. Reposition your brand, repackage your service & product offerings.
  4. Use expert marketing tools that “attract” your target market to you.
  5. Give patients an extraordinary experience.
  6. Implement a marketing system to attract, convert and retain patients – and get more referrals.

This 6-step Formula should form the basis of your marketing plan. It does for our clients – but it all begins with a one-day Practice Transformation Consult™ with us, right there in your office. To find out more, and if you qualify, please call our office at (310) 935-1797.