Small Hinges Swing Big Doors (A Clinical Marketing Consult)

Do you feel like you’re constantly on the hunt for ways to find new patients? What if I told you that right now, at this very moment, you have the ability to increase your revenue by a minimum of 20% — without adding a single new patient to your practice? If you don’t believe me just yet, that’s ok. Let me explain.

Most physicians are so focused on trying to find new ways to attract patients into their practice, they forget about the goldmine they already have in their practice — their current patients and prospect lists. It’s like ordering Domino’s pizza every night, when you already have a freezer full of pizza in the garage. Now, I’m not suggesting that your existing patients are akin to frozen pizza, that are relegated out of view. Far from it. But I am suggesting that the pull of chasing shiny marketing objects can make it very easy to forget about the diamonds you already have in your own backyard.

Let’s do a quick consult on this.

Whenever I’m doing a Practice Transformation Consult™ with a new client, one of the first things I want to know is what kinds of marketing they’re doing regarding their existing patients. It’s very easy to invest a lot of money going after new patients, but how much do you invest in marketing to your existing ones? If you’re like most doctors, the answer is…not much.

Small hinges swing big doors!

Your existing patients already know and like you. You’ve built that trust relationship with them. In fact, it’s about 5 times easier to sell something to an existing patient than it is to a brand new patient who doesn’t know you.

Here are some ideas of things you could (and should) be doing in your practice:

  1. Offer exclusive monthly promotions, to existing patients only. So many doctors offer fantastic specials to new patients, but then exclude their existing patents. That’s madness! How do you think that makes your existing patients feel?!? Make being a patient of yours mean something.
  2. Small hinges
  3. Start a monthly Membership Club (one of my favorite ways to add a new revenue stream to your practice and, at the same time, build demand for your products and services).
  4. Recognize and reward referrals. It’s a big deal when a patient trusts your expertise enough to refer you to a friend or family member. Recognize this. Make a fuss. Let your other patients know about it, too.

These are just a few of the ways you can make being a patient of yours confer a certain cachet. Doctors who build relationships with their patients enjoy the most loyal following, the fullest practices, can charge the highest prices and enjoy the best reputation among their peers. Remember, build relationship first, and the sales will follow naturally.