The Most Powerful Clinical Marketing Tool (That Your Competition Doesn’t Know About)

Got effective digital marketing? Check. Got powerful messaging, coupled with a modern-looking website that positions you as the expert? Check.

Got distinctive branding? Check.

Got multiple online and offline marketing methods working to bring you new leads? Check.

Got celebrity status in your market? Um…

In this day and age of practically no trust, it is CRITICAL that your practice separates itself from the others in your industry as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your IT guy tells you he’ll be there at 11am. You think it unlikely. Your favorite restaurant says it won’t be long until they seat you (you brace yourself for a 30-plus-minute wait). Your lawyer says it’s a small bill. Somehow you simply don’t believe him.

Bottom line, people don’t trust businesses anymore, and people certainly don’t trust doctors anymore — at least not like they used to.

Which is why using the right kinds of marketing in your practice is so critical. The kind that builds trust with prospective patients. Simply telling people that you have 20 years of experience and you invest in the latest technology just doesn’t hold the weight that it used to. So why do so many marketing companies still insist on adopting this very outdated approach to marketing your practice?

Because they don’t know any better.

The single most powerful marketing tool you can have in your business isn’t some new kind of fancy digital marketing campaign, or a flash-enabled website that converts into 27 different languages.

Let’s get back to business basics. The most powerful marketing allows new patients to “discover you” and “get to know you” in a no-pressure, informal environment of their choosing. No, it’s not networking or any other marketing activity is so often a giant drain on your time. On the contrary. What I’m talking about is a marketing tool that creates incredible leverage for your time. It’s like having your very own sales force at your disposal, except it never calls in sick, asks for a raise or a promotion, or suddenly throws away years of “loyalty” for a better dental plan.

I am talking about having your very own book.

One just like this one, that we ghost authored and published through our sister publishing company. It imparts very valuable information, but does a lot more than simply educate — it builds rapport and subtly explains why this physician is the top expert in their market — all wrapped up in a riveting read that patients (and prospective patients) can sink their teeth into. No boring “medical speak”. No dry explanations. It’s a quality read that gets immediate attention and separates this physician from the competition.

You could, of course, write your own book, submit it to multiple publishers, wait on the review process and hope that your manuscript gets approved. But publishing is a process: writing, proofreading, formatting, designing cover art, etc. How much of your time do you really want to spend on it?

Our ghost-authored books can be either partly or fully custom (written by us for you from scratch, using our Talk-Your-Book Program™).

Your books can be used as Thank Yous to existing patients (a wonderful referral tool and the best business card you’ll ever have), they can be donated to local libraries and given away at fund raisers and special events in your community, and, of course, they can be available for purchase.

Once you become a published author in your community, you’ll immediately be viewed differently. Don’t be surprised if people even come and ask you for your autograph, and you suddenly get offers to appear on local news stations. Your new sales force, working overtime for you.

If you’re interested in learning more, please call our office for a book writing information kit, at (734) 402-8843. If you’d rather do the legwork and writing yourself, then please get busy! Either way, this strategy is too valuable to your practice to wait!