Medical Practice Marketing Made Easy

There are so many times in marketing that we get caught talking about ourselves - how skilled we are, how caring, how qualified. When you're working on your medical practice marketing its very easy to take this angle (after all, everyone else does!) It was Donald Trump that said “Brag about yourself and your accomplishments because no one else will" - but I greatly disagree. While promoting yourself and your practice is vitally important, there are plenty of people out there who will talk about you, your practice, and how you've helped change their lives. One of my mentors Dan Kennedy follows this creed: “What others say about you and your service is at least 1000% more convincing than what you say, even if you are 1000% more eloquent.

Here are 3 big ideas to help you get more people talking about you:

1) Your Current Patients: You have hundreds, if not thousands of people you help each year. Every one of them should have something very good to say about you, your team, your office and your services. Collect testimonials from every patient at every visit. It’s as simple as having your front office person provide them with a form and ask them to fill it out about their experience that day. Make sure you get their written permission to use the testimonial. This also becomes a great tool to use on Facebook and Linkedin to promote your office.

In a plastic surgeon's office I recently visited, there were two, 4 inch binders overflowing with patient testimonial sheets. It would be my guess there were over 2000 patient testimonials in all. No one's likely going to take the time to read through these but its a great way to showcase your skills and level of patient care. For a sample testimonial sheet to use in your practice, just fax a request to 866-910-7244

2) Celebrities: When most people think of celebrities, they usually think of people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston or Sandra Bullock. While these "A-listers" would be a dream come true to endorse your practice, having someone of that level isn't necessary. Instead think of local people in your market who hold positions of authority or are highly regarded - for example a local news anchor, the mayor, a musician, state representative or prominent business leader. Having these people endorse your services are a lot easier than try to get Ellen Degeneres on the phone, and many times they're willing to promite you for surprisingly low fees.

3) Your Local News Media: This is the one third party endorsement that you can control. By sending out press releases and doing media interviews through your local news media you create an endorsement from them. The advantage of having regular press releases syndicated for you is that its telling people about news in your practice, but it doesn't look as though its written by you. Its been expertly rewritten and printed for thousands of people to read. This is a great deal because this endorsement is delivered to thousands of people daily by regular, trusted sources in your community.

If you let these third parties tell your story, and they will have a big, big impact in your practice!