Medical Marketing Strategy #1 Are YOU Holding Back Your Marketing?

Some physicians I speak to are hesitant, in a big way, about “putting their name out there”, because they don’t want to be seen as ego driven or vain by their colleagues, friends or family. If you’re feeling a bit bashful about promoting yourself and your practice, then the best medical marketing strategies in the world aren’t going to help you, because you’ll likely never implement them. Let me help you over this hump instead, and view marketing through “different eyes.”

Now, first I’m going to assume that you are a very good physician. You’re highly skilled and show genuine care and compassion for your patients. You also care about the results they get (you don’t view them as just a file number or an insurance claim).

Do you see how far ahead of most others you already are?

Sadly, most people’s experience of the medical profession is a far cry from this. They end up getting an endovenous ablation from a dermatologist who has just added vein treatments to his medspa practice. The patient gets less than a couple of minutes of real “face time” with the doctor and is herded in and ushered out like it’s a McDonald’s drive-through.

The whole point of marketing your medical practice isn’t to make you look good (although that’s a happy by-product). But it has everything to do with helping your prospective patients make the best choice possible, by selecting your care. It also helps reinforce to your existing patients what a good decision they made in selecting you!