Medical Marketing Mythbuster – There Is No Such Thing As A Marketing Silver Bullet

With the meteoric rise of digital marketing and of course of social media, many medical practices have abandoned traditional print and outdoor marketing in favor of online marketing. This is a very serious mistake (for several reasons, which I will talk about in a moment), however, one of the greatest and most prolific marketing myths out there, is that there is one marketing panacea that holds the key to your success. This is not only not true, but it also puts your business in a very vulnerable position. On one occasion, after giving a keynote address on medical marketing to a group of physicians, I had a gentleman come up to me afterward with a question I have since been asked many, many times. “What’s the one thing I can do to get more patients?”

First of all, this is the wrong question. The right question to ask is: how can I get more patients in my practice?

He’s looking for that marketing silver bullet – that will fix his marketing challenges once and for all. It simply doesn’t exist, because what’s working today may very well not work tomorrow. Suddenly Google stops listing your website at the top of the page. Your Pay-Per-Click ads stop getting clicks. Other physicians stop referring you. The ad you’ve run for the last 6 months that worked like gang busters suddenly stops working. If this is all you have that’s working well, then you’re in a whole lot of trouble.

The most effective marketing uses multiple media – print, outdoor, video, social media and online. Not just one.