What's the most important asset in your medical practice? How to maximize your mailing list...

If you guessed anything other than the relationship you have with your patients, you're dead wrong! You see, everything else in your practice, your equipment, your office, your staff, and yes, even your MD FACS certifications - are useless without patients.

Since you started your practice, you've developed a list of your current patients. And I'm sure you also have a list of those patients who used to be current, but who, for whatever reason, left and haven't been seen or heard of again.

Both of these medical mailing lists are extremely valuable to your practice. They are actually the most valuable asset in your practice, which is why it's critical that you have a backup copy of it stored in the Cloud or at a remote server located offsite somewhere.

If you came to work tomorrow and, heaven forbid, the whole place had gone up in flames, what would you have left? The only thing that could not be replaced easily is your patient list.

Anyone who truly understands how to market would (and does) pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get their hands on a list of dedicated and loyal consumers of a specific service. How do you think you get all those annoying catalogs in the mail that you never subscribed to!?

I’m not suggesting that you sell or rent your list. In fact, it’s illegal to do so. What I am suggesting is that you send regular communications to them yourself. You should be sending newsletters, ezines, postcards, appointment reminders and birthday and holiday cards to your current list, to keep them connected with you and coming back. The relationship you have with your patients is the only thing that your competition can't take away from you. Regularly sending out thoughtful, engaging and even entertaining marketing is the best way to build on this relationship.

Action To Take: This December, consider sending all your patients a hand-written Christmas card with a personalized message (please, please, please don't just get all your staff to sign their names in there with no message). Include a message that thanks them for being a patient. After all, without them, you have no practice.