Leveraging Tesla’s Genius Marketing Strategies for Your Aesthetic Practice

One of the most fascinating and visionary business leaders of our time is Elon Musk — founder of PayPal (the world’s largest electronic payment gateway), Tesla Motors (stylish and pricey electric cars) and SpaceX (the largest private producer of rocket motors, whose goal is to get humans to Mars within the next 10 years).

There’s no doubt that Elon Musk’s way of doing business is game-changing.

With over 200 stores worldwide, walking into a Tesla dealership feels much more similar to walking into an Apple store than onto a luxury brand car lot. Having proven the concept of its vehicles, now the company is using a trust-building sales and marketing strategy to grow sales that I have long been a fan of — educating its customers.

Located mostly in high-end malls, Tesla locations are in every way an “experience” for potential customers. Instead of subjecting people to slick sales pitches to secure a sale on the spot, the stores provide visitors with an extraordinary experience (Step 7 of the Premier Physician Marketing Formula), encouraging shoppers to get to know the brand. Product “specialists” greet and educate visitors, and while plenty of shoppers visit the stores, ultimately many configure and purchase their car online. Tesla stores are in the process of installing interactive displays and graphics focused on the cars’ four major themes: charging the car, safety, “autopilot” features and the motors that power the axles.

Tesla’s direct sales strategy is unorthodox. Whoever heard of an automaker selling cars in pedestrian malls without the help of local dealers? If you know much about Elon Musk, you’ll know one thing he loves is changing up the status quo for a better, more efficient way of doing things.

The marketing of Tesla vehicles offers some invaluable insights for the marketing of your aesthetic practice. What kind of experience are you providing for your patients, and if you take an honest look at it, what things would you say were extraordinary — game-changing, even — and which parts of your patient experience are pretty much just the same as what everyone else is doing? To stand out in your market, to become the Premier Physician, the Elon Musk of aesthetic practices, you have to be prepared to throw out the norms, think outside the box and do what no one else in your market is doing. Give your patients a truly exceptional experience that wows them, wins them over and has them wanting more!