It’s All About You — Why Your Personality Is Key in Social Media Marketing

Have you taken a look at any other physicians’ websites lately? If you’ve been scoping out the competition, chances are you’ve noticed that nearly all their websites now have links to at least three (if not more) social media accounts. It’s simply a “must have” these days. When you click on those links, though, what do you get? Sadly, most social media for doctors is dull, lifeless and hopelessly generic-sounding, typically featuring posts that look like they were just cut-and-pasted, churned out from a mass-production cookie cutter.

However, effective online medical marketing doesn’t look like this at all.

Effective social media, written with care, attention and personality, makes you and your practice stand out from the competition like a red poppy in a sea of daisies.

For your social media marketing to work (not just make you look good by having a “presence” but to act as a powerful way to attract new patients to your clinic) — to really work — you have to inject personality. Yours! It needs to be personal, unique and inspiring.

When we accept a new social media client into our practice, before we even lift a finger to start creating social media posts for them, we spend about eight hours simply building “their story” — who are they, where are they from, how did they get here, what do they love doing, and so on. It’s the exact same process that fiction writers use when creating their characters for novels. In essence, they build a personality profile of a character, to intrigue, arouse curiosity and enthrall — to keep readers’ eyes glued to the page and leave them wanting more!

Now, some of our clients are intensely private and extremely uncomfortable with putting themselves “out there” on social media. I completely understand. I’m exactly the same way.

The thing is, you’re in the driver’s seat. You get to decide how much is shared with your patients and prospective patients. In a sense you get to “craft your own story” – that is the public one that people are allowed to know about you

Your patients choose you because they feel comfortable with you. They feel like they can trust you — that you have their very best interests at heart. So why not show that in your online medical marketing?

If you can inject your own personality into your posts and profiles, you’ll immediately stand out from competing practices. You’ll show your sense of humor, the care and attention you give your patients, your warm demeanor, and all of the things people are drawn to when choosing the right cosmetic physician for their needs. Your patients care as much about your bedside manner as they do about the latest laser technology and anti-aging treatments available at your practice.

Your Personality Drives Your Brand Personality

If you’re not quite convinced, let’s talk about branding. Too many physicians and medical professionals believe that branding is not necessary for their practices. However, to attract new patients, and to better retain your current patients, you need to let them know that you’re a leading expert in your field, that you’re different and better. That’s branding, and it’s essential for your practice.

One of the fundamental tenets of branding is to have a consistent brand voice that you use in all communications with your clients (your patients). When they see your posts on Facebook and Twitter, when they visit your website, when they exchange emails with you — you want your patients to be able to feel like they already know the kind of experience they’ll have with you, your staff and your entire practice.

If your online presence is inconsistent across platforms (e.g., you sound one way on Google Adwords, another completely in your social media, and still another on your website), your brand personality is going to come across as schizophrenic. Or even worse, deathly dull, because these generic, cookie-cutter websites and social media accounts show you as having no personality whatsoever.

By injecting your own personality into all your marketing — something I call Personality Infused Marketing™ and use myself religiously here at Premier Physician Marketing — you’ll be able to create a more consistent, more engaging and more attractive brand, one that stands out, above your competitors.

I’ve worked with doctors whose patients have come to love them — because of their senses of humor, because they made them feel like part of the family as soon as they walked in the door, because of their honest concern for their patients’ well-being and happiness. The loyalty of these patients is priceless. You show your personality to all your current patients, why not let it shine through in all your marketing — your social media in particular — and start getting more traffic on your sites and more calls from potential patients?