How to Use LinkedIn to Get More Patients

When it comes to social media for doctors, lawyers, retail shop owners, and every other industry, everyone’s always talking about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Those aren’t the only social networks out there, though, and a lot of so-called experts are ignoring one of the fastest-growing and most powerful professional/social networks out there. You’ve probably already figured out that I’m talking about LinkedIn, but now you’re wondering, “Isn’t LinkedIn just a space to put your résumé online? How can it help with my physician marketing?”

In the past year, alone, LinkedIn’s membership has almost doubled. The average household income of users on LinkedIn is over $100,000 per year, and the site is constantly adding new ways to network and connect with people and businesses. Sounds like a great space to get exposure for your practice, right? Let’s talk about how you can make LinkedIn work for you.

Increase Engagement With a Portfolio of Images
First of all, in addition to filling out your profile completely and giving visitors all of the information they could want to know about your practice, you should also take advantage of the Professional Portfolio feature to show them what you offer, as well. With the ability to upload numerous images, you can take your LinkedIn connections on a virtual tour of your office. They can meet the staff, check out the reception area, and even see inside your exam rooms, as well.

Join the Discussion
You can also increase your exposure on LinkedIn by joining discussion groups and adding valuable input whenever you can. Don’t just talk about your practice or the care and services you provide. Instead, read through some discussion threads within the group and give a well thought out perspective that others in the group can appreciate.

When you do this, the other people involved in the group are likely to click on your profile and check you out. They’ll then learn about your practice, where you are, and the kind of care you offer. You can gather many great contacts this way, who will share your blog posts and other posts to LinkedIn, as well as recommend you to connect with people in their network, too.

Go Local
As you select groups to join, focus on smaller, local groups in addition to the larger groups dedicated to your field. These can be local business groups, medical groups, groups associated with the chamber of commerce in your area, and others. Getting involved with these discussion groups can do a lot for your practice because here you’ll be able to build real relationships with people in your community who can spread the word about your practice and help you out in other ways, as well.

Build Relationships With Other Users
And on that note, instead of just adding connection after connection, interact with the people you connect with on LinkedIn. Talk with them about your business and theirs. Discuss local issues and professional ones, too. The more you build relationships with the people you connect with here, the more they will be likely to come to you and/or recommend your practice to others, as well.

Linked in is absolutely the most underrated platform for social media for doctors. If you’re considering how to improve your physician marketing and gain more exposure, this is definitely one of the big places to be on the Internet. Create an account, fill out your profile completely, add some relevant pictures, and start connecting with people who can help you grow your practice and gain more patients.