How to Use Holidays to Market Your Plastic Surgery Practice


Happy holidays!

It’s usually around the end of the year that the plastic surgery marketing machine goes into high gear, capitalizing on the winter holidays to boost sales. But a successful plastic surgery practice should be focusing on far more than just the winter holidays. Plastic surgery practices should always be looking for opportunities to connect with new patients and reconnect with old ones. The vast majority of holidays between January and December all offer marketing opportunities to make these connections. So, let’s take a look at some of the biggest holidays of the year that your practice surgery practice’s marketing might be able to hitch a ride on!

A Word of Caution

Almost every year, we see a major company make a huge faux pas on social media by marketing on an inappropriate holiday. For example, Memorial Day is NOT a holiday that should be used to sell anything. If you are going to post anything on social media, simply pay respect to the members of our armed services and leave the facelift promotions for another holiday.

Before you create a holiday marketing campaign, always ask yourself if this is an appropriate holiday to advertise on. Common sense can prevent a lot of public relation nightmares.

New Year’s Eve

Although some count New Year’s as part of the winter holidays, I disagree. The opportunity for New Year’s marketing exists in the small sliver of time between the big December holidays and the end of the year. During this time, people feel like spending! There are Boxing Day sales for a reason, after all.

For New Year’s marketing, try to focus on a “new start,” or “new beginning.” Getting the year started right is a big thing for New Year’s, so make that a significant component of your plastic surgery message.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, hearts and candy. It’s also widely hated by anyone who isn’t currently in a relationship. Rather than focusing on the love you share with someone else in your Valentine’s Day marketing, concentrate on self-love! This can be done by promoting plastic surgery as something that should be done for “YOU,” not for someone else. 

Be sure to avoid a tone-deaf Valentine’s Day marketing campaign that plays on something like, “Get breast implants for your husband this V-Day!” That kind of a message will offend many, MANY people, as it is so incredibly out of touch.


Obviously, if you are going to be doing an Easter holiday promotion, you want to focus on the bunny rabbit and eggs, rather than the religious side of the holiday. (This consideration applies to the winter holidays, as well). 

Independence Day

This holiday can be just as big as the winter holidays, so far as your marketing goes.

Of course, you can offer promos on many of your most popular plastic surgery procedures on the Fourth of July, but that’s just the beginning. The Fourth of July is the absolute perfect time for an in-person event with your patients. For example, a client appreciation BBQ can be a fabulous way to lure out current and past patients to enjoy a burger or hot dog. It gives you an opportunity to interact with your patients in a setting outside of a consultation or procedure, deepening your personal connection. 


Admittedly, this isn’t really a holiday. But it is a time of great change for your patients who are parents.

The beginning of September is the unofficial beginning of the fall. Not unlike New Year’s, it offers the chance for new starts and beginnings, especially for those in college. That said, if you are going to have a “back-to-school” promotion, I suggest making it all about the parents. They took care of the kids all summer; now it’s time to take care of themselves!

The Winter Holidays

And here we are back in December!

The winter holidays include Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the Winter Solstice. Rather than focusing on a specific winter holiday, it might be best to focus on the overall spirit of the season. By casting as wide a net as possible, you will bring in more people. 

As we tend to spend a lot of time with our families this time of year, your marketing could be aimed at looking your best in all of the holiday photos that will be up on Facebook in the new year. It’s also important to hold off your holiday marketing until an appropriate time. People tend to get annoyed when they see ads featuring Christmas trees and presents before Thanksgiving.

Holidays can offer your practice the perfect excuse to reach out to patients, both old and new. Just make sure that you pick appropriate holidays to celebrate, have a clear and focused message, and strive to connect with as many patients as possible through methods like email and social media marketing.

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