How to Become an Effective Leader — Seven Lessons from Warren Buffett, Mary Key and Richard Branson

Want to give your patients the best experience possible? Of course, you do. Satisfied patients who had really positive experiences with your clinic are likely to become brand evangelists for you and your cosmetic services.

To give your patients the experiences they need to become your biggest fans, though, you first have to be a really effective leader for your employees. Here are a few great pieces of advice from some of the world’s greatest leaders, that you can put into practice with your team.

Learn to Communicate Effectively – Warren Buffett

Famous entrepreneur and business leader Warren Buffett encourages good leaders to learn to communicate effectively. This means figuring out how to best express your needs to your employees so that they can do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Of course, it also means learning to listen effectively, too, which brings us to Richard Branson’s first lesson for leaders.

Talk Less and Listen More – Richard Branson

Founder of Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Richard Branson is known for making being a billionaire look easy. That’s largely because he follows his own advice. Branson believes that good leaders are good listeners. Let your employees tell you what they need. Listen to your patients’ goals. Be thoughtful with your own words. The more you follow this advice, the better you’ll be at leading your team.

Live by the Golden Rule – Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash’s multi-level marketing company has made it easy for women all over the United States to make money from home. One of her biggest tenets as a leader is to do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. She believes strongly in treating others fairly and extending them the respect that you’d expect to get back from them.

Communicate on All Levels of Your Company – Richard Branson

Remember that treating others fairly and respectfully should extend to everyone in your employ. And, if you want to really succeed, you’ll take the time to get to know all of your team members and to communicate with them. CEOs who only speak with the highest levels of management quickly lose touch with the rest of their companies. While you’re clinic may be much smaller than a Fortune 500 business, you can learn a lot from this piece of advice.

Choose Your Associates Wisely – Warren Buffett

Buffett may have been talking about business partners and investors when he made this statement, but it applies to your staff, too. Be choosy when you interview and hire new staff members. You’ll quickly grow to regret settling for the first candidate when they only do a mediocre job.

Be Happy – Richard Branson

Moods are infectious. If you come in to your clinic every day with a smile on your face and you greet every one on your team warmly, that mood will spread. If you are honestly and openly happy with your life, your business and your team, you’ll notice that they pass that sentiment along. And your patients will notice, too.

Be Openly Appreciative – Mary Kay

Finally, Mary Kay is a big proponent of showing gratitude and appreciation. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. If you show your appreciation for your employees, they will reward you with loyalty and hard work. Reward your people for jobs well done, and never hide your gratitude for what they do for you.

Keep these seven lessons in mind as you conduct business and consult with patients. The more you follow these industry leaders’ advice, the more success you’ll have with your practice.