Great Ideas for Effective Facebook Posts for Medical Practices

So you’ve made a Facebook page for your practice, and you’re ready to start using social media to improve your physician marketing. You know that you shouldn’t only post ads for your practice, and you know that you need to come up with quality content on a regular basis if you want to make the most of your internet marketing. Doctors like you can benefit immensely from making one or two high quality posts to Facebook each day and engaging with their audiences on social media…but how do you come up with all that content? Here are a few ideas you might want to try.

Link to Articles You Find Interesting
As a physician, you keep up with the latest news in your field, right? Well, your patients are interested in that news, too. They want to know about the latest techniques and equipment that could be coming to them at a doctor’s appointment in the near future, so share interesting articles with them on your Facebook page.

Don’t just share those articles without comment, though. Include a brief description of the article, a quote you particularly like, or your unique perspective on it, along with the link. Your audience will want to know more about the story you’re linking and more about what you have to say on other topics, as well.

Give Tips and Advice for the Season
During the summer, your patients should watch out for sunburn and make sure to stay hydrated. When it’s time to go back to school, it’s also time to start practicing good habits to avoid getting colds and other infections that always seem to float around school in the first few weeks of classes. Around flu season, talk about how patients who get vaccinated are less likely to miss out on holiday fun.

By keeping your topics relevant to the season, you keep them relevant to your patients’ lives at the moment. By giving advice and tips, you’re giving them something valuable at no cost. Everyone loves free tips that can help them stay healthy.

Blog Posts and Practice News
You can also increase engagement on Facebook and increase traffic to your website by posting your blog posts to Facebook. Write a short blurb (just a sentence or two) about the blog’s topic. Post that with the link to give your audience an incentive to go read your blog. This drives your traffic up on your site and increases your reputation as an expert in your field. It’s great for increasing your exposure to new patients, as well. If you write posts that your followers are likely to share, then their followers are going to see them, as well. 

Ask a Question at the End of Your Posts for More Engagement
Finally, if you want to increase audience engagement on any post, include a question at the end. Ask your followers what they think of the article you linked to. Ask them if they have any experience with the topics you discussed in your blog post. Ask for their opinions on seasonal allergy remedies. Then, when you get responses, don’t forget to keep the conversation going in the comments.

Internet marketing for doctors is not much different from marketing for other professionals. Effective Facebook posts are good physician marketing. The more relevant and interesting posts you make, the more your audience will engage with you on Facebook, and the more they’ll visit your website and make appointments with you.