Give More, Get More (A Premier Physician Marketing Insider Strategy)

As it's the holiday season, it is a time for giving. Perhaps you already have some kind of giving program in your practice. Maybe you have a giving tree or a "toys for tots" donation box, or even a basket where patients can drop off food and toys for less fortunate families or children.

Personally, this is my favorite time of the year (despite the madness of the season). There's no better time to be serving others than now. At Premier Physician Marketing, we sponsor meals for the Meals on Wheels Program, we donate money to the Huron Valley Humane Shelter, and all the team do a food and clothing drive for less fortunate families.

Whatever the giving program in your practice, it shows you have a caring heart.

But have you taken every possible step you can to ensure that your food basket gets filled?

What if you could promote your charity collection for free? What if there was a way to collect more food from the public to fill your basket? And what if there was a side benefit, of possibly drawing some new people into your practice… and maybe they became patients?

Fortunately, there is a simple way to do this:

Write a press release promoting your food/toy/charity collection, and email or fax it to your local media. Make sure you include specific details: where to drop the goods off at, what kinds of goods you're collecting, where the goods go once they are collected, how long you are accepting donations and what your target goal is, etc.

All media outlets (especially newspapers) love these feel-good stories. Especially at this time of the year. Perhaps you will get a mention in the Calendar of Events section, or even have an article written about you. Hopefully it will draw new people to your office to drop off food, and they may turn into patients of your practice.

Do you feel bad for asking for donations and possibly getting a patient or two out of it? Don't feel bad at all. Many charity organizations have ready-made programs designed specifically for this purpose, often with everything you need, including a done-for-you press release template where all you need to do is fill in the blanks.

When Bill Gates makes a $1 billion donation to the World Aids Awareness Association, he knows that the media will be all over it. As the world's most generous philanthropist he makes sure he creates publicity not only for the charity, but also for himself. The charity doesn’t mind his promotion at all - why would they? They're likely scrambling for donations, they get $1 billion out of it as well as all the extra publicity.

If you do run a charity giving program in your office, it is in both the charity’s and your best interests to promote it as widely as you can. This includes sending out press releases as well as announcing it in your newsletter and ezine to your current patients. Not only will it result in more gifts to the charity, it could very well result in some new patients for you, and some very favorable PR too!