Five Small Marketing Tweaks to Help You Generate More Patient Leads

I’ve been thinking a lot, recently, about how much our methods for inbound marketing and lead generation have changed over the past few years. With smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi everywhere you go, the internet has without a doubt been a game changer in reaching new audiences. Having the ability to reach your patients anywhere and everywhere is really exciting, but on the flip side, it means you’re marketing your practice using a far greater number of marketing media than ever before — each with its own specific set of rules, techniques and nuances. For example, an ad that pulls great on LinkedIn might really bomb on Facebook. Facebook, in turn, requires a somewhat different strategy than Twitter.

For all the complexity though, advertising is advertising, no matter what media you use. Here are five recommendations to make to your ads, and boost your marketing ROI.

1. Use Great Calls to Action

Calls to action are some of the most powerful content marketing tools you can use. More often than not, your potential leads and patients want to know more, but you just have to, in marketing and sales terms, “ask for the sale.” That’s where your call to action comes in.

At the end of a great post about facial rejuvenation and skin care, you can do a lot for yourself simply by including a general call to action — “For more info on looking and feeling your best, call our office at…” But, with just a little more effort, you can do even more for your lead generation by creating a call to action optimized to fit with that rejuvenation and skin care content, and what your readers (potential patients) are looking for. “Want to know more about how you can get younger looking skin fast? Call our office for a free consultation…”

2. Turn Your Most Popular Blog Posts into an eBook

Becoming a thought leader in your field is a great way to build credibility, spread the word about your clinic and generate leads. To do this, you don’t necessarily need to come up with a whole lot more content than you’ve already been creating. In fact, you may already have everything you need. Take your most popular blog posts and format them in a complimentary eBook that’s free to anyone who visits your site.

3. Opt-In Content That Your Patients Want to See

And you can make that eBook do even more for you by turning it into opt-in content. Create a landing page with a download link for this helpful and entertaining eBook. To get it for free, your site visitors just need to enter their email addresses, which will also give them access to your free newsletter, video content, etc. Whatever the content, if your viewers and readers want it, they’ll be willing to opt in to get it. And, if you send out valuable content like this to your mailing list, those newly generated leads are likely to become patient converts in no time.

4. Reach More Patients with Video

Speaking of valuable content such as video, get your satisfied patients to create video testimonials talking about working with you, their procedures and how they feel about their experiences with your clinic. Video is an incredibly engaging medium, and your potential patient leads will gain more trust in you and your work when they see real patients talking about how much they love what you’ve done for them.

5. Create a Patient Case Study

Finally, you can take this a step further, too, by publishing case studies of one or more of your successful procedures. Show the patient before, in pictures or in a pre-procedure video interview. Discuss the process of choosing the right procedure and how you worked with the patient to determine the best route for them. Then show pictures and/or video of the patient after recovery. This kind of transparency builds trust, and it’s inspiring to people who are interested in improving their appearance. In short, it’s a great way to generate patient leads!

Try these tweaks to your marketing strategy and see what they can do for your patient lead generation…