Does Your Clinical Website Pass the Beauty and Brains Test? (Take our easy quiz and find out!)

Your clinical website is the beating heart of your entire marketing strategy. I’m not saying that to be dramatic, but simply because it’s true. Wherever you advertise your practice, regardless of whether it’s using Google Pay-Per-Click, outdoor billboards or Facebook — your prospective patients are doing their homework on you by looking up your website. They’re asking themselves, “Is this a doctor I can trust?” Hopefully the answer is yes. But it’s rarely that simple.

A successful website is one that not only makes your practice look good (beauty), but one that actually gets you new patients (I call this the brains).

You might be thinking, “Well, I don’t know if it gets me new patients, but I’m pretty sure it does.” If that’s your answer, then it means your website is NOT getting you new patients. Like the cute blonde at the bar, it’s doing a good job of attracting attention, but doing nothing to close the deal.

Take this quick test to find out where your website ranks on the money-making scale:

  1. Your website loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Yes           I think so              No
  2. Your website looks “professional” and modern and imparts virtually the exact same feeling you like patients to have when they step foot in your office (i.e., your website doesn’t look like an ancient relic from the 90s). Yes           I think so              No
  3. Your website is a living, breathing marketing tool that is constantly being updated weekly or bi-weekly — with blog posts, testimonials, before-and-after photos, new treatments and technologies, etc. Yes           I think so              No
  4. If you were to place your website side-by-side with those of your top 2 competitors, yours would stand out immediately as being unique and different (no “me too” branding). Your website does a good job of embodying your USP (unique selling proposition) — what makes you better and different than your peers. Yes           I think so              No
  5. Your website contains warm, relationship-building “invisible ad copy” that has done a good job of capturing your “voice” to build rapport with prospective patients and to prevent people from assuming that your superior skills are interchangeable with any other doctors. Yes            I think so              No
  1. When people visit your website, you have something of value to give them for free, in return for their email (in marketing speak this is called an “opt-in”). Yes          I think so              No
  1. Your website is populated with a large number of patient testimonials and before-and-after photos (these are typically the most popular pages on your website). Yes           I think so              No
  1. Your blog posts are engaging, enjoyable to read, fun even — as well as informative. There’s no “generic sounding” content here. Yes           I think so              No


  1. Your website contains hidden pages (called “landing” pages) that your digital marketing campaigns are getting people to click on. Each of these pages contains a different message and is continually being tested for the best headlines, the best layouts, the best photos, the best color scheme even — to increase conversion rates (those people who visit your website and then take action and call your office). Yes           I think so              No
  2. All your digital marketing campaigns — Google Adwords (Pay-Per-Click), LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc. direct traffic to a specific, unique landing page on your website instead of just “dumping” them on your homepage — which is akin to inviting a patient in the front door of your practice and then ignoring them and leaving them in the waiting room for hours on end. Yes            I think so              No

So, how did you do?

8-10 “Yes” answers – Fantastic, keep doing what you’re doing, keep testing new layouts — you are light years ahead of most of your peers.

6-8 “Yes” – Good job, your website is likely solid, and with a few small tweaks, will bring you even more patients.

4-6 “Yes” – The good news is that the struggle you’ve been experiencing with your medical marketing can likely be improved significantly with a much better website. Most doctors don’t realize how having a sub-par website to market their practice with is akin to performing aesthetic surgery the way you used to in the 90s. It’s woefully outdated and makes patients run away from you (not to you).

Less than 4 “Yes” – This is a “code red” for your practice (and on the positive side, a big opportunity to reposition yourself in your market). Make this a top priority fix for your practice and within a few short months, you’ll be happily reaping the rewards!