Clinical Marketing Made Easy: 7 Tips To Writing Emails That Won’t Get Deleted

We all know that most people scan their inbox with their finger hovering over the delete button. Here are 7 easy tips to ensure the emails you send to your patients actually get read.

Your subject line is THE most important part of your whole email. Keep it short – I always recommend about 7-10 words max, try to include a benefit or arouse curiosity:

1. Start with a compelling, curiosity arousing subject line.
Most people write mass emails like, well mass emails – not personal communications written to an individual. One of the biggest turn offs when opening an email is getting a broadcast message. When writing your email – even if it is being sent to thousands, make sure it sounds like a friendly conversation you’d have with them over a cup of coffee.

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    When writing the ezines for our clients’ practices we’ve found that response can sometimes double if the email appears to be sent by the doctor him or herself, as opposed to someone in their office or just the name of their practice. Try this when sending out your own ezines and see!

2. Personalize your emails.
I often get asked how long an email should be. Simply it should be as long as it needs to tell your story or get your message out. Anyone who tells you the shorter the better clearly doesn’t understand the power of good copy. If someone is reading a good email, just like a good book they’ll be devouring every word and won’t be able to put it down. The old sales adage “the more you tell the more you sell” is so true – but it’s gotta be interesting to read.

3. Make it clear who the email is being sent from.
Forget slick email templates and fancy headers. Hands down, the emails that pull the best response are the ones that look just like they’re composed as a personal email – from you to me. Plain black font (no multi-colors). And don’t add more than one attachment (except for ezines of course, when you will want to send it using a good-looking template).

4. Make your email a compelling read.
A feature is “Our lamp contains 6 different dim settings.” The benefit is this: “You won’t strain your eyes from harsh light, enabling you to read for longer periods of time.” A feature is: “Our non invasive eye surgery will have you back at work right after your treatment.” The benefit is: “No one will know you’ve had anything done but they’ll keep saying how great you look!”

5. Keep it simple.
The simpler the better, e.g. “Just click here or call our office and …”

6. Talk about benefits, not features.

7. Always include clear instructions for a call to action.