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The Best Way to Introduce a New Procedure at your Plastic Surgery Practice

One of the most exciting times at a plastic surgery practice is when you add a brand new product, especially if it’s the new, hot cosmetic procedure on the market. Just imagine the possibilities if you are the first practice in your area to offer this incredible innovation in cosmetic technology! You purchase and get fully trained in the procedure, you open your doors and… nothing happens? Well, of course not! You haven’t introduced it properly to your patients yet! 

Introducing a cutting-edge procedure to your patients can be tricky. Although some might want the latest and greatest, others might feel suspicious of it, preferring some of the older treatments. As a plastic surgeon, it’s your job to educate them about the new procedure. Here are a few ideas on how to do just that.

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Are Free Consultations Really a Good Idea?

Imagine that you are someone who has always been curious about plastic surgery. You’re getting a little older, you’ve started to see signs of aging, and you want to do something about them. You look around online for some information, but it all seems very marketing-focused. You wish you could talk to a professional about it, but how could you ever get an appointment? Then you notice on a plastic surgery website that a practice close to you is offering free consultations. Perfect, let’s go!

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Why Your Clinic Marketing Should Run Like McDonalds. Seriously.

There’s a fantastic image that one of our software companies, Basecamp, uses every time you log on.  It’s of a girl running around with her hair on fire, the phone is ringing, her email is going off, there are voicemails to clear… it’s total chaos.

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5 Marketing Tips to Get Your Phone Ringing During the Slow Summer “Dry Months”

One of my favorite things about having a marketing system in place in your practice is that the ability to create income “on demand” is now yours. What do I mean by that? It means that you are the one who is firmly in control of your marketing, and of the number of patients that come through your door. “What?” I can hear you say. “What do you mean, I’m in control? We run ads, and people either respond or don’t respond to them — so how, exactly, does that put me in control?”

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2016 Rules to live by in your Aesthetic Practice from the Queen of Country Music (Dolly Parton)

A couple of nights ago, I was watching that Christmas Special on Dolly Parton’s life called A Coat of Many Colors — named after a coat her mom made for her as a little girl, sewn together from a bag of rags (which was also the inspiration of a song she wrote by the same name). 

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