A Lesson in Letting Go

On Tuesday, I dropped my big 5 year old off at her first day of school. Her blue and orange Northface backpack that I had bought for her while we were on vacation, seemed bigger than she was.  Her brand new double-sided Minion lunchbox was packed with snacks and lunch and tucked safely inside her bag. Her favorite toy also made it into her backpack to hug in case of emergency. She was ready. But me?

Not so much.

I had started getting a lump in my throat about her going off to school at least two weeks ago – and now the day had finally arrived.

“See ya Mom” she cheerfully waved, barely looking up from the picture she was busily painting “I’m good now…you can leave...”

I gave her a hug and headed back to my car along with the other emotional parents – all of us feeling slightly depressed that a major childhood milestone had been reached and our kids wouldn’t be needing us quite so much anymore.

Letting go is a hard lesson to learn.  Trees are masters of this lesson. As I look all around me I see leaves changing color and already descending – preparing the way for the new growth in the spring. It’s a poignant reminder to take a look at your practice, particularly your marketing and see what might need to be let go of to make way for new growth.  Are your Facebook ads performing? Is your staff doing a good job of posting interesting and engaging content on Twitter and LinkedIn? Has your “old faithful” magazine ad or radio ad recently taken a dive in effectiveness but you’ve been too busy to address it?  Use this change in season to take a good hard look at your marketing to determine what’s working and what isn’t. Remember that it doesn’t matter how much you or your staff like an ad – it’s whether it’s doing it’s job to bring you new patients, or not. Results rule. Period. Let go of what isn’t working. Ramp up what is working, and start testing new marketing to find new ways of attracting patients.

And if all else fails, I recommend going out and buying yourself a Minion lunchbox. Your kids will think you’re hilarious and it’ll brighten your day.