8 Small Changes You Can Make to Boost Your Practice’s Online Presence

Believe it or not, it’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference.

This is certainly true when it comes to online marketing. Sometimes, a digital marketing campaign can fall entirely on its face for reasons unknown. You make one small change to the demographic you are targeting or to the wording of the ad and, all of a sudden, you have a massive success on your hands. 

It’s the small things that matter with your online presence. If something is out of place, or you are missing content that you obviously should have, then your patients are going to notice. Here are a few small changes that you could make to boost your practice’s online presence and bring new faces into your office!

1. Learn More About Your Digital Presence

Have you ever Googled yourself? Sometimes, it’s shocking what can come up when you punch your name into a search engine. It can be the same with your practice. 

Some people think that their practice’s digital presence is only limited to the stuff they put up themselves, like a website and social media profiles. But there could be a lot of other content about your practice out there. If a news story was written about your practice, it will likely show up in a search. If you had old social media profiles or out-of-date landing pages, they might show up as well. The way to start refining your online presence is to know what’s really out there about your practice.

2. Watch Third-Party Review Sites

Your online presence can also include third-party review websites like Yelp. These pages will come up whenever someone looks up your practice, so if a negative review has been posted on one of these online review sites, you need to know about it!

If you see a negative or critical review, create a profile on that platform and immediately respond to the review. Even if you don’t get back the business of the person who made the complaint, others who visit that site in the future will see that you are a practice that responds to your customers’ thoughts.

3. Get on More Social Media Channels

Exposure is everything when it comes to social media. Even if your practice is on the big social media channels (like Facebook and Twitter), you could be missing out on customers because you aren’t on the smaller, more targeted ones. 

As a plastic surgery practice, you should definitely be on Instagram, sharing photos of your daily adventures in plastic surgery. Snapchat is another platform that is almost tailor-made for plastic surgeons to share their content. The more social media platforms you are on, the more people who will have the opportunity to connect with your practice.

4. Tell Stories with Your Online Content

I can’t stress enough the importance of making the content you are sharing on social media interesting and engaging.

If you are sharing blurry, out-of-context images to your social media sites, then no one is going to care about your site, and they’ll likely move on. But if you create stories with your content, you draw people in. For example, rather than merely showing a before-and-after shot of a patient, you could create a story that tells their entire experience at your practice. You could have a shot of the two of you after their first consultation (the usual “before” shot), a shot of them pre-surgery, a shot of them in surgery, a shot of them post-surgery, and then their “after” photo once they have completely recovered. Of course, you need the patient’s consent before you share any of this content. Telling your prospective patients a story will always draw them in and make them invested in your practice.

5. Utilize Best SEO Practices on Your Website

When you search for plastic surgery practices online, you can always find websites that look like they came out of 2010. These may look okay in a web browser, but they may lack modern functionality and work terribly on a mobile device. Furthermore, they might be using old SEO techniques, like keyword stuffing, that can actually hurt their Google ranking.

Smart SEO practices can really help boost your online presence and get your website on the first page of plastic surgery search results in your area. Instead of stuffing keywords into your copy, use them intelligently. Post new content regularly, so Google can tell that your website is being kept up-to-date. If you have any questions about SEO and how it can help you build a fantastic website, I may be able to help with some advice!

6. Chance the FOCUS of Your Online Marketing Campaigns

When you create your social media marketing campaigns, always keep in mind that there are many groups out there who don’t traditionally go in for plastic surgery, but could be convinced to try. This group definitely includes men.

As more and more men have been trying plastic surgery, you want to advertise to them, absolutely. You don’t necessarily need to use the same budget as you would your primary social media marketing, but even putting a bit toward a small campaign may bring in customers that you weren’t expecting to see!

7. Include Content in Your Email Marketing 

You know what most people call email marketing that doesn’t include any interesting or valuable content? SPAM.

If you don’t include some reason for your customers to open your monthly digital newsletter, then it’s likely to go straight into the trash bin. But when you regularly include an interesting plastic surgery blog, details about your next Open House, or an exclusive offer just for people on your email list, they will actually start to look forward to getting your email, putting you on their whitelist to keep you out of the junk mail folder!

8. Put Up Some Testimonials

All of the marketing in the world can’t hold a candle to the power of a compelling and honest third-party testimonials. 

If you have a former patient who is genuinely thrilled with their experience at your practice and their final results, don’t be shy to ask for a testimonial from them. With their permission, you can put these up on your website (with their first name and last initial), proving to prospective patients that you have delighted current patients! 

You could also encourage these patients to post a bit about their positive experience with your practice on a review site, like Yelp or Google Reviews. 

If you’d like to learn about even more ways that just a few tweaks to your online presence can return big dividends, please visit our website at premierphysicianmarketing.com. I would be happy to make some suggestions that could really help your practice’s online presence take off!