5 Marketing Tips to Get Your Phone Ringing During the Slow Summer “Dry Months”

One of my favorite things about having a marketing system in place in your practice is that the ability to create income “on demand” is now yours. What do I mean by that? It means that you are the one who is firmly in control of your marketing, and of the number of patients that come through your door. “What?” I can hear you say. “What do you mean, I’m in control? We run ads, and people either respond or don’t respond to them — so how, exactly, does that put me in control?”

What you’re talking about, though, is running one or two ads and hoping that they will be home run hits for your practice. That’s not a great way to run your practice. Instead, your marketing needs to be a consistent, dependable “practice” that you and your staff do on a daily basis — not just placing ads, but creating an actual system. The difference between running ad hoc advertisements and having an actual marketing system in place is like the difference between being a passive participant in your practice (hoping that people will think about calling your practice) and being in the driving seat, having your hands on the controls. The whole point of having a marketing system in place is that it yields consistent, dependable, predictable results.

Do you know that July is typically slow month for your practice? Well, not anymore. If you need more consults, then you need to dial up your marketing system and place more ads. If you’re planning on going away in August, then you do the exact opposite and dial down your ads and marketing activity. Having a marketing system in place is what will move your practice beyond lurching from famine to feast (and jolting back to famine) — to eliminating the famines altogether. Your prospective patients are all over the place, and these days they’re showing a lot more skin than they normally do, to cope with the heat. They’re likely far more body- and beauty-conscious now than they were in January. All they need is a good reason to come in.

Here are five fun and innovative ideas to get your phones ringing this summer!

1.      A one-day promotion at your office in honor of kids — offer fun crafts and activities, get a bouncy castle, hire a few people to come in and babysit — and then promote the day as Mommy Makeover Day or Get Gorgeous for Summer (with FREE childcare). Get your staff involved and have them design and own this event — you will be amazed at what incredible ideas they come up with. This is an excellent theme to combine with a charitable giving promotion (local women’s shelters, after-school programs for at-risk children, etc.)

2.      A Hawaiian Luau day — hold a tropical-themed lunch, invite your patients (and their friends!) via an email campaign, give everyone leis and advertise it locally — and combine it with a Botox or CoolSculpting/body contouring event. Blow this up on social media and show what a great time you have at your practice.

3.      A “Day at the Beach” — transform your waiting area into a “beach” (you likely have light-colored flooring anyway, perfect for imitating sand) — complete with beach balls, umbrellas and poolside lounge chairs. Ask your staff to dress as “lifeguards” for the day. Offer ice-cold fruit smoothies, healthy sandwich wraps and watermelon slices. Hire three great-looking swimsuit models (consider a male for one of them — giving women some eye-candy, but showing that you’re there to help men as well) and have them stand outside your practice with large signs saying: “Ready for Your Summer Body?” “Come Enjoy a Day at the Beach!” “Get 20% Off CoolSculpting Today!” You will be blown away by the results!

4.      “The Body Beautiful” — showcase local artists (talented students, art fair entrants, etc.) in your office, with pieces that focus on the human form. Hold a wine tasting in the evening, send out elegant invitations. This could be a perfect co-marketing event with a local winery and/or gallery.

5.      A “Get Social!” day (or week, even). Offer a free mini-facial or discount voucher to anyone who goes on to social media and uses #yourpractice and talks about their favorite thing about your practice. Even if they aren’t patients yet, they could come up with something just by looking at your website. This is an out-of-the-box idea that can go viral very, very quickly!