4 Tips to Increase Your Facebook ROI (Social Media 101 for Doctors)

If social media marketing for your practice has been in the “too-hard to focus on” basket, I completely understand. It’s overwhelming and confusing, and the rules change for the major social media platforms on at least a weekly basis. Let’s help you clear some of the marketing fog by focusing on the goliath of social media for your practice — Facebook. If you were only going to select one social media platform to promote your practice with, Facebook would be it.

Here’s why, in a nut shell (based on Facebook’s own stats):

•    There are 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook
•    The percentage of adult users who visit Facebook daily – 65%
•    Average number of Facebook friends for a female – 250
•    Average time spent on Facebook per user per day – 21 minutes

Bottom line — whether you love or hate Facebook, there’s no question that your target market loves Facebook, which is why it’s so essential that your practice has a strong presence on it also.

Here are some tips to improve your Facebook ROI:

1. Go in with established goals. Do you want more website visits? More Facebook likes? More fan engagement and interaction? Each of these metrics have their own value, so it’s essential you know what the desired end game is before you even start. The Facebook ad type you choose will also depend on what you’re trying to achieve. Fortunately, Facebook’s new and improved advertising interface recommends ad formats based on your primary goal.

2. If you’re new to Facebook advertising and not sure where to start, begin with a goal of getting page likes. You’ll build your audience and encourage folks to like your page. More likes provides very important social proof that your practice is revered and “liked” in the community. It’s an important consideration when a prospective patient is considering multiple cosmetic practices for a procedure.

3. Use Facebook Offers to grab attention! Facebook Offers works similar to Google’s Offer Extensions, by letting you promote a special offer exclusively to Facebook users. Try using an Offer to give away an item of value rather than a dollar discount — maybe an ebook or a whitepaper — in exchange for an email address. We recommended that you target your first Facebook Offer to just your fans. If it goes over well, then you can widen your net to larger audiences.

4. Include a clear call to action in all your ads. Include a call to action (e.g., “Call xxx-xxx-xxxx or click on our website”) in the body text of your Facebook paid ad to encourage Facebook users to take your desired action.