21 Simple Medical Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Practice

  1. Send thank you cards to new patients.
  2. Send thank you cards to existing patients to tell them how much you appreciate them.
  3. Use well-targeted billboard advertising that is memorable with an easy-to-remember call to action (it will help increase response rate of your medical marketing).
  4. Sponsor a charitable event attended by your target audience and give people a reason to give you their contact information (e.g. free gift, etc.).  Follow up with them afterward and start building the relationship.
  5. Send birthday cards to all patients
  6. Send out a monthly or quarterly newsletter.
  7. Write a monthly ezine (online newsletter containing special offers).
  8. Send a newsletter to referring physicians for them to put in their waiting rooms for prospective patients (helps to make them look good, too!).
  9. Write a patient education guide about a specific area of expertise (this should be a short and easy-to-read guide that is light on medical terms and heavy on rapport-building information that does more than just educate them (it makes them pre-select you for their treatment above your competition).
  10. Write a blog that is entertaining, informative and keyword optimized.
  11. Get articles written for your local newspaper.
  12. Strengthen your website by making it more patient-focused.
  13. Use pay-per-click advertising, but make sure the ads send people to a landing page on your website to take action (and not just to your general website where they can easily get lost).
  14. Do a media campaign by sending out press releases to all your local news media, and following up with a call afterward.
  15. Run a radio campaign that contains a special offer.
  16. Create a half-day out of the office for you and your staff to work at a local charity – blog about it, send press releases, include coverage in your newsletter and give your patients the opportunity to join you and/or contribute (everyone wins and as a special bonus it’s a great team-building opportunity).
  17. Send a customer re-activation campaign to any patients you haven’t seen for 3-6 months and invite them back with a special offer. Few physicians do this with their clinical marketing but it’s a highly recommended strategy.
  18. Create a testimonial book complete with before and after photos (brag book) for your waiting room.  Feature stories from your patients in there and send them a copy in appreciation (that they can also show their friends).
  19. Create an animated video (like the one on our website, you can see it here) to play in your waiting room that educates patients about what you do and entertains them at the same time.
  20. Send out a direct mail campaign to the new movers in your area and invite them in with a special offer.
  21. Give your website a make-over: get rid of any cookie-cutter marketing message (that could be said by anyone) and find a distinctive voice for your practice that can be captured in copy.  Use a clean, modern design that loads quickly and enables patients to easily navigate around your website.