17 Essential Clinical Marketing Tools for Your Practice

Over the past 14 years I’ve looked at the advertising of thousands of medical practices. Every single week I talk with physicians from all over the country who are looking for help solving their advertising problems. In the next 2 blog posts I’ll detail a quick summary of the most commonly made mistakes I see in clinical marketing. In this post though, I’d like to give you a basic roadmap – a checklist if you will – of some of the most basic marketing tools that every practice needs. In today’s highly competitive environment, these tools are not optional, they’re mandatory. I’ve compiled this basic list from my “Master Marketing List” that to date contains 168 different marketing tools we use to market the practices of our private clients.

See how many tools your practice is currently using:

  1. A website that captures and converts leads (and looks different than that of your competition)
  2. Business cards (double-sided)
  3. Get Found
  4. Professionally written bio that’s “journalist friendly” (to complement any press releases you send out)
  5. A downloadable copy of your CV/resume
  6. Letterhead
  7. Easy-to-read practice brochure(s) that are both visually stunning and informative
  8. A clear understanding of what makes your practice better and different than that of your competition (which your staff has memorized)
  9. A warm and friendly telephone script for staff to use when new patients call in
  10. A formalized referral program to recognize and reward those patients who trust you to also take care of their friends and family
  11. A “paper and ink” practice newsletter
  12. A monthly practice ezine (electronic newsletter) to build rapport and provide special offers
  13. Branded give-away – something with low cost and high perceived value (e.g. makeup bags)
  14. A Facebook fan page for your practice that contains a good mixture of helpful information and interesting/fun posts with viral value (that people want to share)
  15. Attention-grabbing outdoor and indoor signage – from the road, on the building and inside the building
  16. An easy-to-remember phone number (vanity number)
  17. A distinctive brand (the look and feel of your marketing) that includes a memorable logo and tagline
  18. A practice blog that doesn’t simply deliver content (which is what most practices’ blogs make the mistake of doing). The most effective clinical blogs also help patients build an immediate rapport with you.

Do you have questions about your own clinical marketing? Feel free to send me an email and I’ll answer you personally. hello@PremierPhysicianMarketing.com