Why Your Clinic Marketing Should Run Like McDonalds. Seriously.


There’s a fantastic image that one of our software companies, Basecamp, uses every time you log on.  It’s of a girl running around with her hair on fire, the phone is ringing, her email is going off, there are voicemails to clear… it’s total chaos.

This image reminds me of how most aesthetic practices run their medical marketing. It’s either feast or famine. Campaigns are run, then stopped.

Or started, and half implemented.

Or started, and then forgotten about, until someone queries a charge on the credit card.

Or run, but as a quick stop-gap measure to get the phones ringing to get the practice through a slow period. 

There’s usually very little, if any, planning.

No strategy behind the decisions made.

Very little, if any, accountability for whether the campaigns were actually successful — and if they were, which ones were the most successful and what made them so (so the formula can be repeated). And the marketing usually falls to one person in the office, but it’s likely one of at least four other roles that person performs in the office…

Does any of this sound familiar?

Hair-on-fire indeed.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. And it doesn’t mean you have to hire more staff to handle your marketing.

What it does mean is you have to start implementing marketing systems in your practice.

Just like McDonald’s does.

There’s a reason McDonald’s is the number-one global franchise in the world. I learned more from my twelve months working as a fry cook there than I did in all my years studying marketing and the finer points of business at university. They have a system for employees washing their hands. A system for taking the patties out of the freezer.  A system, even, for squirting on the Big Mac Special Sauce.

Nothing is left to chance or guesswork. Every inefficiency has been eradicated. The process is systematized. Monitored.


To deliver consistent, dependable results — minimizing costs and waste, and maximizing ROI.

So how can you apply this to your practice? What marketing systems do you need? It’s simple actually.  Just three.

1.    Attracting

2.    Converting

3.    Retaining

Under each of these three main systems, you have little sub-systems.  For example, under Converting, you would have phone scripts, consult scripts, up-selling scripts, down-selling scripts… and so on. Under Attracting, you would have all your marketing campaigns meticulously implemented in accordance with your annual marketing plan.

Like clockwork, your campaigns are deployed and the results reported back — so you know which ones are winners, and which ones are duds.  And your attraction system would have lots of marketing tools deployed to keep your patients once you’ve made that first sale — a rapport-building mini e-magazine, client appreciation events, special experiences, etc., all carefully planned, scripted and scheduled to minimize waste and maximize profits.

Of course, you could create all these “systems” yourself from scratch… but you don’t have to. I’ve already created them for you. Visit the Premier Physician’s Ultimate Marketing Toolkit and see for yourself!