Celebrity Positioning

It's no secret that "celebrity status" sells like no other. We live in a celebrity-obsessed society and for whatever reason, people trust people they see on TV and in the news (like Dr. Oz, for example) than they do their family physician and other trusted advisers they've known for years.

If you're not currently harnessing the "power of celebrity" in your marketing, you should be. Immediately you'll be seen in a different light, the minute you enter the room. People will stop you for an autograph. Patients will choose you over your peers, suddenly becoming immune to their advertising and your premium pricing. You'll be admired, revered and sought after.


We work with Hollywood producers to get our clients featured on television shows and morning shows including, "Top Cosmetic Doctor", broadcasts on major networks, like NBC, ABC, Lifetime, Discovery Channel and A&E.

Ghost-Authored Books

Firmly establish yourself as an expert in cosmetic medicine and attract new patients by becoming a published author. We ghost-write books for our clients using our Talk-Your-Book Program, and we also offer a range of pre-written patient books that can be semi-customized for you and ready for publication in a couple of weeks.

PR Campaigns

We specialize in creating exceptional PR campaigns that grab attention guaranteed to be picked up by at least one major national media affiliate like like the Boston Globe, USA Today, ABC, NBC, Fox, and many others.