The 45-Minute Diagnostic & Prescriptive Phone Consult

All prospective new client relationships begin with a 45-minute diagnostic and prescriptive tele-consult with Julie Guest personally. Prior to the call, you will have completed a confidential questionnaire about your practice and your growth objectives, so that we can accurately assess where you are. During the consult, Julie will provide you with at least three big money-making opportunities for your practice that we guarantee no one else will have told you about. You will also get the opportunity to ask any questions about your marketing and the growth of your practice.

The goals of this initial consult are to:

  1. Provide you with some immediate clarity, guidance and concrete suggestions about your marketing;
  2. Assess whether we would be a good fit to work with you; and if so,
  3. Discuss possible next steps for moving forward.

No marketing fluff. No sales pitches. No smoke and mirrors. Just extemely valuable content to help you build your practice.